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Hello Hello Hello, Is there anybody in there?

A new semester, the first in a half a year, that I haven’t been required to Blog.

BUT! Don’t worry, I like it so much I’m going to keep doing it!

I’m taking two exciting classes:

Reading Science Fiction (Which is SPECTACULAR!! A literature survey class on SCIFI!!!!!!! YES PLZ!)


Themes in Culture and Society I (A MLA course required for my Graduate Degree. Exciting part: ITS A SEMINAR COURSE!!! So I get guest lectures and student-led round-table discussions!)

The theme of TiCSI is Truth, which we will be exploring through different “trials” portrayed in literature from across history (our teacher is a History professor).

Our first light reading assignment to kick off our quest to define Truth and its existence is Plato’s 5 Dialogues. A good starting point I think.

I’ll keep you posted blog-o-sphere. I know your riveted. I am!



This site, hopefully, will become an Open Education Resource that can be used by anyone teaching a Pre-Composition class to structure their course in an effective way. There are sample assignments, suggested readings, resource links, the course philosophy, and suggestions for revision and grading.  It is Creative Commons licensed (CC BY-NC-SA) so anyone is free to rip, remix, or reuse. On the side is an overview of the WPA “Habits of Mind” and Outcomes with a brief description for each, a brief outline of what “Habits of Mind” and  “Outcomes” mean within the context of the Framework, and a brief overview of what the WPA Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing is designed for.

Writing Haikus

Writing and Writing
I’m writing about writing

Forgivable Haikus


Be seen in the Fall

Be grateful and wholehearted

In the long Winter


A good story is

Better than a warm blanket

In Winter’s worst storm


Shame is the Mindkiller

Live without numbing control

And let yourself be seen



Is the birthplace of new ideas

And gratefulness


Final Project

My final 40% will be the development of the AUM Precomposition site. I will be editing the “Habits of Mind” pages which will describe and connect the different Habits of Mind outlined in the “WPA Framework for Success in Post-Secondary writing”: Curiosity, Openness, Engagement, Creativity, Persistence, and Responsibility.

I will discuss these concepts with regard to the outcomes outlines in the “WPA Framework”: Rhetorical Knowledge, Development of Critical Thinking, Development of Flexible Writing Processes, Knowledge of Conventions, and the Ability to Compose in Multiple Environments.

Most likely in Prezi format. Because I ❤ Prezi.

Setting Up Your AUM Email on your Smartphone

1. Create a New Account

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Select “Exchange”

5. In the Doman/Username field do “AUM/Username”

6. Enter your Password

7. In the “Exchange Server” field put : “”

8. Viola!

They Can’t Re-Posses My Brain

Occupy Wallstreet is something that I still haven’t quite gotten my head around. Its like a extremely large hydra with a million heads; so many in fact you really couldn’t say definitively where one of them was. There seems to be a point swimming around in the gargantuan crowd, I just haven’t seemed to catch a glimpse of it yet. And believe me, its not for lack of trying.

But then on my Google + feed, to save the day, comes Anya.

(I don’t know why these people are repeating what she says as if they’re getting sworn in or something. It doesn’t really flow well as a chant either. Nonetheless, its a good speech)